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Let every customer experience a happy service

Service philosophy

Taixiang has always sincerely sent to customers with a tolerant heart, has more understanding of customers, opened up their hearts, and greeted every time with more sincere service.

Attentive service

Let you feel the care of Taixiang people for every user

Attentive service

Let every question you ask can get a satisfactory answer

Attentive service

Let you find peace of mind in difficulties, unconsciously feel relieved

To standardize the work of the after-sales service department and meet the needs of customers. Improve the market awareness of the "Taixiang" brand, increase the company's product market share, and increase customer satisfaction and trust in the company's products and after-sales service.

Special proposal: One, two, three, four service concept.

One. A concept "take the market as the center and implement the customer first"

Two. Second confirmation

a. Confirmation of customer feedback questions,

b. Confirmation of customer needs,

Three. Three return visits

a. Customer satisfaction return visit,

b. A return visit after the customer’s problem is resolved,

c. Regular return visits to customers;

Four. Four-heart service

Service personnel should use: enthusiasm, love, attentive, sincere,

In exchange for customers: satisfaction, peace of mind, joy, peace of mind

Maintain knowledge


Since the product is sold, special maintenance outlets can perform maintenance for Taixiang electric vehicle users according to user needs. Maintenance personnel must strictly abide by company service regulations when maintaining electric vehicles for users.


The free maintenance of the whole vehicle includes checking whether all the screws and nuts of the whole vehicle are firm, whether the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, whether the mechanical system is in good condition, whether the battery capacity meets the standard, and the brush motor is repaired once a year. Fill in carefully after maintenance. The specific maintenance content is as follows:
(1) Fully debug the whole vehicle, check whether there are hidden troubles in the electrical control circuit, and eliminate it on the spot if necessary;
(2) Adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable;
(3) Whether the steering of the handlebar is reliable, whether there is a phenomenon of mutual sliding between the handlebar and the front fork;
(4) Whether the battery socket is loose, whether the battery box lock is working, whether the horn, headlight switch, and buttons are flexible and reliable;
(5) Whether the battery box is shaking;
(6) Adjust the front and rear rims for users, and fully inflate the tires;
(7) Carry out key inspections on the front and rear axles, middle axles, and front forks;
(8) Whether the flywheel is flexible, and properly apply oil;
(9) Tighten all the bolts of the whole vehicle once, and apply anti-rust liquid appropriately;
(10) Instruct users of daily use and maintenance experience;
(11) The whole vehicle is cleaned and tested.


If any hidden dangers are found during the maintenance process, they must be resolved immediately, and the user should be explained the reason, and the user should be reminded to pay attention when riding in the future.


In case of special circumstances, it should be explained to the user that it will be completed within a certain period of time by the person in charge of the local office and the maintenance network.

Three packs after sale


(1) If the car is sold for one year (without battery), if there is a failure caused by the quality of the car, please bring the warranty card and invoice to the designated repair station of our company for repair.

(2) Please refer to the after-sales service description for the scope of three guarantees for the whole vehicle.

(3) The addresses of maintenance stations in various regions can be contacted or obtained by the dealer.

(4) Please keep the warranty card and this manual, and read the "Important Tips and Advice" in the manual again, it will be of great benefit to you to use the car correctly and to make it serve you better.

01. "Three Guarantees" Principle

(1) When you buy a car, you should inspect it on the spot, debug it correctly, and have the right to ask the sales staff to provide correct usage and maintenance items, provide valid invoices and warranty cards, and repair units, addresses, and telephone numbers .

(2) The user should operate and use it correctly according to the product manual. Any performance failure due to manufacturing quality reasons, according to the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", "Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Regulations on Responsibilities for Repairs, Replacements and Returns of Certain Products", the company will unify the relevant product three guarantees Perform the "Three Guarantees" obligations.

02. Free service content during the "Three Guarantees" period

(1) If large parts such as the frame, front fork, and handlebars of the whole vehicle have spontaneous welding, desoldering, or fracture, they shall be replaced within one year.

(2) Paint parts such as frame, front fork, mud plate, chain cover, battery box and battery box seat, if large pieces of paint are found to fall off, they shall be replaced within three months (manual damage, scratches, etc.) Falls within this range).

(3) Electroplated parts such as handlebars, rims, chain cranks, hangers, double supports, etc., if the electroplating layer is found to be blistered or peeled off, replace it within three months.

(4) The heat-treated parts of the moving parts, such as front axle, rear axle, flywheel, etc., are damaged or broken, and should be replaced within three months.

(5) The inner tube can be replaced if it leaks due to internal quality problems such as trachoma within half a month of buying the car (it will not be replaced after repair).

(6) If the vehicle's controller, charger, electrical display instrument, speed control handle, brake lever power-off switch, etc. fail to be repaired, they will be replaced within one year (man-made damage does not fall within this scope).

(7) If the internal gear of the electric motor is broken, the bearing is broken, the motor housing is cracked, the unit is damaged, and other irreparable faults, the brushed motor will be repaired or replaced within two years, and the brushless motor will be repaired within three years. Repair or replacement (man-made damage does not belong to this scope).

(8) If the battery is found to have shell cracks, leaks, cracks, etc. (man-made damage is not in this range), and the capacity is less than 40%, it will be maintained or replaced within one year, and the electric motorcycle battery will be maintained or maintained within half a year replace.

(9) For other unaccompanied matters, if the parts are damaged and affect the riding, in principle, they will be replaced within three months. After three months, they will be replaced at a cost.

The above free service period is subject to the date of car purchase.

03. Not within the scope and content of "Three Guarantees"

(1) The user fails to use, maintain and adjust the fault according to the "Instruction Manual".

(2) Failure caused by dismantling or modification by the user, and failure to comply with the use regulations.

(3) Failure caused by improper storage by the user or accident.

(4) there is no warranty card, invoice or ticket card content does not match.

(5) vulnerable parts, consumables and self-demolition parts that are not in accordance with the regulations are not three packs (vulnerable parts and consumables are: spokes, bulbs, fuses, brake cables, brake skins, tires, Rubber cover, saddle leather).

(6) The cost of self-repair without the consent of the special maintenance unit.

04. Special Reminder

(1) wading regulations

When the vehicle is driving on watery roads or wading in the rain on a rainy day, the wading depth must not exceed the radius of the rear wheel (motor). Do not spray with a water gun when washing the car. If the user violates this regulation and causes the motor to enter water, the internal coil is short-circuited, the magnetic steel falls off or the controller enters the water short-circuit, they will not enjoy the quality assurance service.

(2) Regulations for severe overloading

The quality assurance service will not be provided if the entire vehicle or parts is damaged or its functions are lost due to overloading of the user.

(3) Taixiang Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret these service rules. If you have any questions, please call Taixiang Company.

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