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1. Distributor qualification

1. Recognize the Taixiang brand and its related corporate culture;

2. It has certain economic strength and can meet the start-up and follow-up development of medium-sized stores (above 100 square meters);

3. The location has the conditions and development potential to open a Taixiang electric vehicle store;

4. Be honest and trustworthy, have a good work enthusiasm, have a strong sense of teamwork, and devote yourself to store management;

5. Comply with national laws and regulations, have no illegal business records, and have a good market credit;

6. Shops with traffic arteries, commercial blocks or local motorcycle/electric car markets;

7. Sign the "Joining Contract" and accept the rights and obligations stipulated in the contract;

8. The dealership operates independently, is responsible for its own profits and losses, is independent and cost-effective, and accepts the guidance and supervision of the headquarters in terms of image management and business;

2. Taixiang brand advantage-brand service system exported from the entire store

Once the dealer joins the Taixiang electric vehicle system, Taixiang will start the whole store output method to expand the market and cooperate with the dealers sincerely. Taixiang Headquarters provides a full range of support including brand license, regional protection, product quality, product distribution, store location selection, decoration plan, sales training, management support, publicity support, operation guidance, etc., system management and cooperation with franchisees to obtain careers success.

1. Strong corporate backing, many years of experience in the electric vehicle industry, model of hundreds of dealerships across the country;

2. Provide brand authorization and use the VI system of "Taixiang" and "TONLY";

3. Provide opening support, and the headquarters will arrange specialists to assist the distributors in personnel training and pre-opening advertising planning;

4. Provide regional protection, in order to protect the interests of existing dealers in this area to the greatest extent, protect their business areas to ensure the greatest interests of dealers;

5. Provide decoration standards, and companies provide store decoration manuals, internal decoration pictures, documents and other materials;

6. Provide management support, provide comprehensive management, publicity, shopping guide and other manual support;

7. Provide terminal support. Headquarters will send experienced supervisors to supervise the dealerships on a regular basis to ensure the smooth implementation of all links, promptly discover operational problems, and provide continuous subsequent services;

8. Provide advertising support, professional advertising company year-round service, and regularly update the advertising image;

3. Brand guarantee

1. Product guarantee:

1-1. There are three series of electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, and mopeds, with dozens of products to meet the needs of different people and different occupations;

1-2. Accelerate the product development and upgrade of the headquarters, and continuously launch new products to meet market demand to ensure the frequency of new launches;

1-3. Continuously improve the cost performance of products and make timely improvements according to customer requirements;

2. Propaganda guarantee:

2-1. Continuous publicity on TV, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet;

2-2. The advertising company provides year-round service to meet the distributor's publicity needs at any time;

3. Service guarantee

3-1. The well-trained Taixiang team will provide you with one-stop and considerate services of order placement, production, logistics and after-sales.

Marketing network

With the continuous increase in customer reputation of Taixiang electric vehicles and the increase in brand awareness year by year, Taixiang electric vehicle sales network is showing geometric growth in the form of dot-to-face, with 6 branches, radiating hundreds of franchise distribution outlets, and brand coverage in Central China In 80% of China, including East China, South China, Northwest, and Southwest China, the establishment, growth and expansion of each branch company has condensed Taixiang’s sweat and poured the unlimited expectations and hopes of Taixiang people.

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