Company Profile

Taixiang has always sincerely sent to customers with a tolerant heart, has more understanding of customers, opened up their hearts, and greeted every time with more sincere service.

Zhejiang Taixiang Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional electric vehicle enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. It is the first to obtain the national first-level motorcycle production qualification and national 3C certification. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been adhering to the concept of "quality is above everything, and service is endless". Through 15 years of persistence and hard work, it has been recognized by dealers and users and has now become a domestic electric vehicle. Well-known brands in the industry.

The company adheres to the creed of "Integrity and quality are the life of an enterprise", with R&D, manufacturing, and sales as the core, and at the same time develops from multiple main lines such as electric vehicles, mopeds, and electric tricycles, and rapidly enhances brand competitiveness. Taixiang Electric Vehicles has become a large-scale electric vehicle production base with excellent brands, numerous categories, extensive networks, rapid growth, strong strength, and regional competitiveness.

The company strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 quality system implementation standards, and is equipped with a fully automatic vehicle assembly line. The electric vehicle production process is ahead of the industry level. Some series of models produced by the company are well-known in the electric vehicle industry: automated vehicle assembly line The work intensity of the staff is greatly reduced, the production efficiency is correspondingly improved, and the excellent assembly quality of Taixiang electric vehicles is ensured. After years of development, the company has an annual production capacity of 600,000 vehicles.

The company has a CAD/CAM computer-aided design product development room, a vehicle technology development center, a vehicle quality inspection center and other professional departments, under the scientific research concept of "innovation, careful verification: continuous improvement and innovation" Under the guidance, a research and development and testing system with advanced facilities and complete processes has been formed, which provides strong support for the continuous innovation of Taixiang products.

At present, the company's sales network covers all large and medium-sized cities across the country, and the brand covers 80% of the country. The brand sales network has reached more than 1,000. It has also established a good cooperation and win-win relationship with various supporting enterprises across the country: logistics and distribution strictly implement 1SO9002 Standards, centralized procurement of spare parts and integrated information management provide a guarantee for our timely and effective delivery, and can provide downstream customers with complete, smooth, accurate, guaranteed and economical logistics services.

"Buy a good car and choose Taixiang", the company strives to provide customers with high-quality and cheap hemp products, and brings the excellent service of Taixiang electric cars to every consumer.

Company culture

Corporate purposes:

Pursue customer satisfaction and strive for corporate development

Service philosophy:

Customer first, meticulous

Business philosophy:

Integrity and quality are the life of an enterprise

Quality concept:

Careful, meticulous, attentive, satisfactory quality

Management philosophy:

People-oriented, clear responsibilities, strict assessment

Talent Concept:

Only use one's ability


Twice a month, all employees "discover problems and correct errors" meeting (reading out the opinions in the suggestion box). The chairman, general manager and all management personnel of the company directly talk to the employees to answer and solve problems on the spot. Praise and reward correct and advanced; criticize mistakes and backwardness, form a unified system, consciousness, goals, and standards, and then promote everyone to promote the development of the enterprise while working hard to promote their own development.


Only when everyone is daring, willing, and good at expressing their own opinions and opinions, will they squeeze, collide and spark, will innovate, will gather everyone's strength to better serve everyone and individuals, and will rise into a virtuous circle ,track.

Be responsible for

If you have power but are not responsible, it will cause great damage and destruction. It is not as good as having no power. Only by being responsible can one promote the improvement of one's professional spirit and professional skills, and bring about the improvement of material life and social status. Responsibility means "bleeding". I have established a business for more than ten years. In these ten years, I have never defaulted or delayed the salary of employees for one day, and I have never owed a penny to the supporting manufacturers. My good reputation has brought a large number of companies together. Talents make the product matching very convenient.